How do I wear an Orthotic?

Proper footwear is a crucial part of pedorthic management because if the shoe is not optimal in structure and size it won’t provide the proper foundation for the orthotic to do its job, and can in fact impede treatment.

A Pedorthist will work together with the patient to educate about orthotics, the thought process behind the treatment, and the break-in period. It can take a few weeks to break-in orthotics – and while it might feel intrusive at first, orthotics should never hurt.

Gradually break in your orthotics by wearing them first for an hour a day and then gradually increase the amount of wear time to help feet become accustomed to them. After three weeks, if the treatment goals have not been optimized, an adjustment may be necessary to make them more comfortable. When patients understand this process, they’ll be more likely to listen, comply and realize the full treatment benefits of their orthotics.